to the interactive visitor experience


Since its inception over 40 years ago, Martins has become a brand marketing leader for the property industry. Our passion for placemaking – creating places where people want to be – gives us unique insight into what makes property buyers tick, from first contact and sales centre experiences to integrated campaigns and signage strategy.

That’s why we created Sensoreal, the Interactive Visitor Experience that’s so much more than a touchscreen.

Deeper Engagement

Sensoreal delivers a rich, highly engaging sales experience to your sales centre customers that brings your brand vision to life. Even if your salespeople are busy with other enquiries, there’s always more to keep them engaged longer.

Our visitor experience system is also capable of following up on registrations of interest, and if required, feeds directly into SalesForce CRM to ensure consistency at every touchpoint and provide valuable information for further communications.

Send a command

The touchscreen is connected to the videowall to play relevant video sequence when triggered.


Your customer can easily select a Land or House & Land Package

Find your ideal block

Explore house and land packages


Customer can add preferred package into favourites and send the information to his email address. The email is also added to the database.

Deeper Insight

Sensoreal is designed to track customer interactions and deliver that information to you in real time. Now you can see the hotspots that they’re most interested in, as well as the places that fall by the wayside, so you can enrich your customer insight and inform your future sales and communications strategies.


Sensoreal collects and integrates lead data with your existing marketing automation systems, allowing you to continue to provide value to your customers long after they have interacted with your Sensoreal enabled space.

Deeper Brand Experiences

With options to add interactive audio and visual modules, we bring the bigger picture to life. From lifestyle imagery to full theatre-style sound and video to complement everything they touch.

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